Food in Pune

Pune residents are known for their fondness for food. Among the plethora of food available are a large variety of sweets, notable places are Karachi Regal Sweets, Bhavnagari, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale and Kaka Halwai. Pune has its very own variety of Thick milk-shakes with ice-cream scoops topped with chopped dried fruits called Mastaani. Notable places are Sujata Cold Drinks, Gurjur Mastani and Kavre Cold Drinks. Light snacks like fresh potato chips called wafers, a fried spicy snack called Chiwda a fried potato pattie and bun sandwich called Vada pav are available everywhere. Another food item unique to Maharashtra, Misal - a mixture of sprouted cereals, spiced flattened rice, lots of spices & special Tarri (gravy) with bread, is available in almost all restaurants. Besides this, Pune has many places serving south indian food, notable places are Coffee House at Camp, Madhuban and Southern Spice at Dhole Patil Road and Vaishali Restaurant at F.C. Road and Gujarati and Rajasthani food, notable places being Mayur, Rajdhani, Rutugandh. One can taste Kolhapuri cuisine at restaurants in the old city like Durga, Tiranaga, Trushna. Apart from Indian food, Western food like Pizza, Burgers, Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish is also easily available here. All popular food chains like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Dominos, Pizza Express, Smokin Joe's etc have their presence in Pune. The Camp area — Main street/M.G. Road and East street, Dhole Patil Road, Jungli Maharaj Road, and Fergusson College Road are some of the more popular hangouts for food lovers.

Pune has many Dining Halls spread out across the city catering to outstation students and office goers residing in the city. These are modest sit-down eateries that serve all-you-can-eat meals at affordable prices. The stiff competition ensures that every place has something unique to offer, besides the good standard and rich menu list. Pune's young professionals routinely eat at these places during work hours, while spending their free time hanging out at parks and cafes feasting on street food such as kacchi dabeli (a kind of sandwich), bhel (a spicy puffed rice mix), panipuri (puffy little fried crispy discs filled with sauce) etc. Notable ones are Anna Bhel at Bund Garden, Kalyan Bhel in Bibwewadi, Lullanagr Chowk & Ganesh Bhel in Ganesh Nagar & Karvenagar. Kaathi Kabab at East street or near Kapila Hotel and Cafe Blue Nile, George Restaurant, Durga Biryani house and Cafe Goodluck for biryani are very popular amongst meat lovers. For 'Misal' Popular ones are Shree (Laxmi Road), Bedekar (Narayan Peth), Shrikrishna (Tulashibaugh) & Ramnath(Tilak Rd).