S. No. 142/4, CTS No.5102 Near Khandoba Mandir, Akurdi

About Business :

The word ‘Aishwaryam’ comes from one of the eight commonly worshiped forms of the Goddess Lakshmi, Aishwaryam. The term broadly denotes wealth, not just in material form but also includes Wealth of good health, knowledge, strength and power.

These are the same facets that the Essen Group, Sree Maangal Projects and the Sharda Group have imbibed at ‘Aishwaryam’ – 2BHK, Compact 3BHK & Luxurious 3BHK Apartments, where luxury is truly made affordable and prosperity.

Prosper with Luxury…

Luxury made Affordable!
Prosperity made Possible!!

Luxury has always been a privilege affordable by only a select few.
But today everyone aspires for a luxurious life style.At aishwaryam, we are
Committed to “Luxury and Comfort being made Affordable”
Thus ensuring that you prosper!!

Prosper with Comfort…

* Owning a home at Aishwaryam is a sign of unadulterated luxury, status and distinction.
* 2BHK, Compact 3BHK & Luxurious 3BHK apartments.
* A project of approx. 350 luxurious apartments.
* Large open areas filled with greenery and serenity.
* Well plan designs ensure ample ventilation and proper lighting.
* Ample covered parking area.
* Close to business centers yet in a secluded enclosure.
* Easy accessibility to day –to-day necessities.
* Schools, Multiplexes, malls, railway station, hospitals and more at just 5 minutes drive.
* Complete in every sense of lifestyle
* Life is comfortable and secure at Aishwaryam