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Kerala Tour Packages

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Popularly known as "God's Country", Kerala is blessed and a former state situated in the southwestern region of India. The home of the variety of attractions and wonders is most favored among young couples, nature lovers, explorers and seekers of vacation. Persons wishing to spend a few moments in the lap of Mother Nature prefer to visit this place. This is a place in India where you can feel the essence of God. Mother Nature has blessed this state with attractions such as the importance of which is beyond words and visual description. Some of the natural attractions that can be found by visiting this place are tropical forests, backwater destinations unique refreshing mountain resorts, palm-fringed beaches, exotic wildlife national parks or the beaches of the varied flora and fauna. What else can you expect when you tour?

Apart from its attractions, there are many other things you may encounter all around Kerala, such as luxury, warm hospitality, fabulous culture and exotic restaurants where one can see South-Indian food, which is world famous. Another thing that makes it unique is its Kerala Ayurvedic therapy that rejuvenates the body and soul. Ayurvedic treatment includes full body massage, meditation, steam bath and much more. Not only tourists, but also people who have health problem are visiting this state for Ayurvedic treatment.
Kerala has a wide range of attractions and destinations that persuade tourists to visit this place all the nooks and crannies of the world throughout the year. Tour Packages of Kerala is designed in such a way that brings exotic attractions to tourists and gives them an unforgettable vacation experience. Some of the attractions and destinations to explore while visiting Kerala are listed below.

The hill stations in Kerala Tours
Be a place of tropical Kerala is gifted with many mountain resorts, which are very beautiful and attracts tourists from around the world throughout the year. Kerala is dotted with mountain resorts are famous for many beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Among the many mountain resorts named Devikulam, Wayanad, Idukki and many other Munnar is one of the most popular Hill Station in Kerala affectionately called the Kashmir of South. This mountain resort is famous for its picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, winding rivers, colonial bungalows, parks, wildlife and different sets of flora and fauna.
Backwater Cruise in Kerala
An essential part of Kerala Tourism Packages backwaters are the idols. Backwaters are the perfect combination of brackish lagoons, lakes, streams and some rivers such as the local team and how impressive and can be explored through Kettuvallams or barges. In the early days of barges were used for transportation as amended, with good infrastructure and currently plays a crucial role in tourism in Kerala. Some of the main destinations are visited Kerala whirlwind of Kumarakom, Alleppey, Thiruvalam, Kochi and many others.

Wildlife Safari in Kerala

March scenic backwaters, hill stations and many other attractions of Kerala is stained with a myriad of natural parks and protected natural areas, which are worth visiting, while in Kerala tour . Idukki, Chinn, Rajamala, Periyar, Thrissur has visited some of the protected natural areas in Kerala.

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