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Ten questions for a groom

You're of marriageable age and have begun meeting eligible men. And there are so many things to consider before making a life-long commitment to someone! Here are ten questions you must ask any potential suitor while you're deciding whether you want to marry him or not.

1. Why do you want to get married?

If he so much as hints at something as ridiculous as like 'because everybody gets married' or as crass as 'for the free sex,' show him the door!

2. How do you spend your weekends?

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20 Tips for Gorgeous Skin

1. Avoid full foundation coverage Few people need to apply foundation all over the face. Simply apply where you have uneven skin tone (usually along your nose and on the skin). In wintertime, if your cheeks tend to get ruddy, apply there as well.

2. Consider a tinted moisturizer Foundations can go on too thick for some people. Tinted moisturizers provide a lighter coverage. My absolute all-time favorite is Laura Mercier

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Are you an expert insulin user?

A large number of patients with Diabetes require Insulin and often develop Insulin deficiency. However, they simply need to take it with the help of a syringe or pen devices. This Insulin then keeps glucose or sugar in normal range, keeping a person healthy.

Unfortunately, in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc where paramedic support is poor, Insulin treatment becomes more difficult. Most doctors prescribe Insulin but they have no time to train patients about taking Insulin shots. Very often an untrained person trains patients.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Side Effects

Omega 3 fish oil is considered to be a rich source of the eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which is an essential fatty acid. It is the 'good' fat required by our bodies. And since we cannot produce it ourselves, we need to depend on our diet to do the needful.

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Marital Depression & How to avoid it

Weddings are considered the most special events that will take place in anyone�s life. As true as that is, it is also a fact that many people find themselves suffering from marital depression soon after the wedding and honeymoon takes place. Though this may be common, it is still something the majority of people cannot understand or are even aware of.

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All about m-commerce and secure transactions

Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is basically an extension of e-commerce on the mobile phone which enables consumers to make payments for goods and services directly from their mobile phones. This gives the consumer the benefit of making payments from anywhere without the hassle of physically being present at a store, standing in a line or turning on a PC to transact online.

m-commerce replaces wallet

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'My name is khan' movie review

Rating- 4/5

Source: http://movies.rediff.com/report/2010/feb/11/review-my-name-is-khan.htm

How's the chicken?' asks the hostess.

'It's not very good,' says Rizvan Khan truthfully. There's laughter, because the answer is truthful, yet innocent of malice -- Rizvan, the Asperger's Syndrome-afflicted protagonist of Karan Johar's [ Images ] My Name Is Khan is incapable of lies or malice -- and a tense situation is defused.

This is also what the movie is about -- a tale about a man who is 'different' and how the lives of those around him are affected because of his 'difference.'

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How to deal with debt recovery agents

Let's get something straight any kind of loan agreement whether involving the purchase of an asset or not, is first and foremost a civil contract. Therefore any failure on part of the borrower in respect of repaying the borrowed amount in part or full can be remedied only through legal procedure i.e. civil remedy through court.

So very simply, a bank or financier does not have the right to use force on defaulters and deploy musclemen for the recovery of loans.

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Effective home remedies for stretch marks

Pregnancy and weight gain are the two major causes of stretch marks. When your skin is stretched to its maximum capacity, its elastic fibers and collagen breaks down and the ruptured middle layer tissue can then be seen through the thinned outer layer of skin. Most women develops stretch marks at some point in her life. Some women have a family disposition to develop stretch marks, whereas others do not develop them at all.

There are various other causes of stretch marks:

* They may occur on the body of both men and women, if they have a problem with obesity.

Perfume, chocolates, flowers, lingerie -- it's all so done, done, done! This year, come up with a truly unusual Valentine's gift for your partner. And in case you're wracking your brains trying to come up with a few good ideas, here are a few suggestions.

1. A message in a bottle

Yup, you read right, but hold on and let us explain. And in case you're wondering, this one is more for the ladies, because we all know how they just looove romantic gestures!

What you need is: