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title search should be done from respective land records office before buying also give JAHIR NOTICE in newspapers with notice period of 15 -20 days to invite objections from any other claimant of the land with respective reason.enquiry at corporation/townplanning as the case may be will enable you to understand if its a hilltop/ slope or reserved land.

your lawyer will make the draft of agreement (first rough on plain paper) then on stamp paper (final) during buy sell of property

remember you can construct your dream home in less than half you pay the builder, all it requires is to select a good contracter supervise him ,dont give huge advances, go and buy raw material cement, steel, sand, metal(stone in concrete yourself) a watchman on site to take care of thefts.

""builders may have spoilt officials still personal work is possible and the uneducated, local, rustic, politicians all are doing it only those who went to school dont know the real laws and functions of government offices as important things are never taught in school books"" DON'T LOSE HEART NEVER GIVE UP

1)know the status of the plot you are buying:
whether it is agriculture zone,residential zone NA (non agriculture zone)
2) THE ZONE can be found out from TOWN PLANNING OFFICE of your city (e.g. at narayan peth in pune) you must know the survey number of that land and the village/ taluka/district NAME.
3)it may be located in collector offices in certain cities, but even the collector office,have a land records office sometimes.
4)the saat bara extract or 7x12 is a document in which the NAME OF owner of the land and SURVEY NUMBER, HISSA NO is mentioned, you must see the column alongside in saat baara it will mention the ittar hakk /adhikaar( that is other governing issues or powers related to the land such as access roads etc.).

5)there is a TALAATI OFFICE for every village. you can get details from the talaati about the land because he maintains DIARY in which there is record of every inch of land it is called DIARY NONDHI(entry). He is fully aware whether there is any loan on the land or previous sale.on the SAAT BAARA itself there are some nos.(4 digit) encircled or written close to encircled nos.this is FERFAAR number.that is a number which has detail entries related to this number namely WHAT EVENT HAPPENT WHICH IS RECORDED UNDER THIS SERIAL NUMBER.
6)visiting ABHILEKH KAKSHA(records office)(e.g. tahsildar/ mamledaar kacheri at shukrawaar peth pune) and by applying on plain paper by fixing 1 re. 5 rs. stamp about the ferfaar nos mentioned in your saat baara or just asking them to give all details of that land from so and so year to so and so year will give you all the details and transactions and hand downs of the land FROM THE bhausaheb that is record officer who is below the tahsildaar, who in turn is below the collector.(all these people including the talaati and Mojni officers are called REVENUE DEPARTMENT.
8)For a small plot if the layout has not been sanctioned by collector, or townplanning, or corpoaration (if it is in corporation limits) one has to do GUNTHEWAARI by applying to the Prant or deputy is easy and you get a set of forms you attach your plan (having an architect stamp even if its your own design) your saat baara,the tax (shet saara) receipt you have been paying so far,if you have already constructed a small house and regularised it with the GRAMPANCHAYAT OFFICE (gram sevak is the govt official)and five farmers from the village make the panchayat one of them is SARPANCH or MUKHIYA) and are regularly paying yearly property tax for such a constructed house, then attach xerox of those tax receipts.

9)when you apply collector/actually PRant office for gunthewari/plan pass,the form goes to town planning office gets approved there comes bck to the same office then the concerned clerk will give you challans to fill and pay money to treasury of government for Mojni/demarcation and the gunthewari itself, which you pay and get your gunthewari in 2 to 3 weeks time.
11)after this your constuction is safe,but remember your follow up to prant office and town planning to expedite matters is a must.
12)you can apply with aset of forms available with electricity board for light connection and meter.collect a light NOC from grampanchayat office,attach saatbara, 8A(u get in gram panchayat office)house tax xerox,etc.
13)similarly for water connection apply to grampanchayat, dig borewell, make a septic tank, garden and live your dream.

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we make plan, pass plans,from town planning office Narayan peth pune, collector office opp sasoon hospital, pune muncipal corporation shivajinagar, gram panchayat offices of respective villages and suburbs, get land search and title information such as saat baara utaara, seven twelve extract, 8A,from talaathi tahsildaar offices, and abhilekh kaksha or office of land records shukrawar peth, we assist in procuring original sale deed, agreement to sell, kharedi khat, index II from 18 to 21 property registrar offices in Pune, we build independant bungalows on plots urgently on contract basis either with your raw materials on percentage basis for our services or on complete project basis
we make plan from architects, pass your BUNGALOW PLANS, , from Town planning at Narayan peth pune, or gunthewari from collector near sasoon hospital pune, pune muncipal corporation shivajinagar,or from gram panchayat in respective villages/suburbs (if area still outside corporation limits), get land search and title information REPORTS such as saat baara utaara, OR seven twelve extract, 8A,from talaathi tahsildaar offices, and FERFAAR (the document which indicates the hand downs of the property from whom to whom so far and on which dates) FROM abhilekh kaksha or office of land records at shukrawar peth pune, we assist in procuring original sale deed, agreement to sell, kharedi khat, index II from 18 to 21 property registrar offices in Pune,Faalni nakaasha , MOJNI /LAND PLOT DEMARCATION AND we guide to build independant bungalows YOUR DREAM HOME on plots urgently on contract basis either with your raw materials on percentage basis for services or on complete project basis.and even help to get LEGAL drafts regarding sale purchase OF PLOTS, MOU, Work contract, to secure your headaches and money through reasonable and good lawyers.current projects in full swing at undri for our fellow members who have purchased plots 20 years back.genuine resale plots available WITHOUT FORGED DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENTS OR FORGED POWER OF ATTORNEYS. .WE ALSO help to FENCE YOUR PLOT WITH CEMENT POLES or black stone dabar and offer security services or care taker services.and guide FREELY for plot related problems regarding application and approaching the right authorities for justice, as well as loan to construct your dream bungalow.with water, electricity, Light NoC, and proper permissions

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dear govind,

I can't really comment.
because appreciation of property and development have been really DIRECTLY GOVERNED BY 1)destiny
2)how alert united and sensible all the plot holders were
3)how much development has taken place around that place
4)how quickly the other areas around that place developed
5)which buildings actually came up there eg
hospitals colleges Malls schools etc.
7)how many politicians local goons/agents/lawyers and builders get interested in your survey number/individual plot/all members plots indays to come.once development begins or has taken place in the neighborhood.
All these people start giving FREE FUND ADVICE as to why we should be contented with what they are giving/and many educated buffoons/plotholders torn by selfish egos and blinded by vision and sensibility fall a prey to such landgrabbers without finding the truth or uniting with other plot holders.Gauging the vulnerability of the property holder and /OR themax no of plots/property grabbed they even USE THREATS AND FORCEFUL ACQUISITION.

if all plot holders have herd mentality and do not check what is being written in saat baara and agreement to sell (kharedi Khat) then there is risk
there is ----xyz metre access road ------ feet access road to the plot in question in SO N SO direction towards the plot so many----- meters feet away fromthe actual tar road/ highway/ZP/Gram panchayat road constructed by govt(nearest road) should be clearly mentiioned.

as you know that they charge us for that road like Packaging and overheads logistics charges of any product.
there is something called as easementry rights that guarantees that nobody can encroach upon the common access road to your property and stop your vahivaat /aana jaana.

secondly its a buyers mkt now bcs f recession so ask them that the saat baara of all common roads will be on whose names

Many fradulent agents developers and farmers charged for roads wrote the roads in agreement yet kept saat baara on their names and later sold roads tobuilders and DID LITIGATION.

another catch is they they keep saying that wwhen all plots are sold we all will construct and we will offer u assistance even in that so trust us and WAIT.

never do this mistake you bought/ are buying the plot TELL I WANT TO CONSTUCT IMMEDIATELY AND WANT TO PAY TAXES RIGHT FROM TOMORROW.never keep ur plot un attended these pleople divide and rule do nothing collect money from you today making false tall promises of dvpt take money (chARGE EXTRA) for those promises go and buy acres and acres of land for themselves with your money.

thats not our headache unless we can buy acres but we must ensure OUR PLOT.

ask GUNTHEWAARI /COLLECTOR na KAL SE HO SAKTA HAI KYA agar aaj agri zone bhi hai to maikarva luunga office batao.Normally it is collector for rural and corporation for areas in corpon.

if they say pehle plot bechenge farmer shetkari se baat ho rahi hai LAYOUT baad me banega apko apka plot milega guarantee meri hai mera karodo ka ghar karodo ki car and karodo ka swanky office ya mai ek imaandaar aadmi
mai bhaag nai jaoonga
he should give you physical posession of the plot with its boundaries chatursimas specifically defined in agreement to sell along with the roads there and then.
boundaries chatursimas will be left ko so and so persons so and so building and property right ko so and so building/property of so and so man ditto east west North south ko kya kya hai xyz land mark kitni doori par hai.

very important POINT NO 3 tell himto give you names and phone nos of 10 people who purchased talk to them/keep in touch thru all the years YOU ALL HOLD THE PROPERTY know their addresses if they are selling in and wont coperate in between if they are lazy and wait for others to do all the work for free(like I am doing).

most important dont allow them or rather dont buy IN A REGISTERED SOCIETY IF ALLMEMBERS ALL NOT DEVELOPING IMMEDIATELY. because in regd society the chairman (committee) secretary are 99% times corrupt all your movements will be governed by their rules its they who join hands with builders along with the developer of plots who uses them to show a clean picture and as representatives and THUSS ALL THESE FRAUDMASTERS get comission of hundres of rupees per sq feet and put litigation .AND ONE DAY TELL PLOT HOLDERS PLOTS ARE GONE(it happened in bavdhaan by sawant tarabaadkar zurange abdagiri dagdes manish anand deshpande and about 500 people were duped ) it happened in wanavdimundhwa in some places too.

the registrars assistant registrars of cooperative societies are VErY CORRUPT if the society ids regd and you go tothemthey also eat money from these f****** all guardians of law are corrupt.

SO A SOC IS SAFE ONLY WHEN ALL OR MAX ARE building immediately.other wise if you pay money for plot and society baad me layout banaeygi and apko physical possession baad me kounse kone me milega aaj pata nahi THEN BOY SAAT BAARA PE ek 3 gunthe pe uss survey me aapka naam rehne ke baad you ARE FINISHHED iss raat ki subha nahi wo aaj kal aaj kal karke 20 years nikaal sakte hai and upar se plot ke paise to gaye SOCIETY CHARGES BHI LETE HAI AGM BHI LETE HAI SAMOSA CHAYE DETE HAI AUR aasuo ki koi fikar nai villan jaise peeth peeche haste hai.par jamin nahi dete.

and jaise hi 15 saalke baad development shuru hojaati hai litigation pad gaya plots gaye hamare bhito gaye aise dhong karke free me sign lekar loot te hai

THEY ALSO TAKE A POWER OF ATTORNEY for all rights of our plot under the name of getting collector NA or Na for all members from Mantralay NEVER NEVER GIVE IT.

ALL THIS HAPPENS because it is shameful for an educated indian to be united and question AND KNOW the laws. stylishness demands that act smart and show off wisdom if one is pigheaded and even schools and colleges never taught them such important requirements for life and empty stylishness is keep fighting at home/ politiking in samaj thats what people do AND THATS WHERE THESE PEOPLE MAKE mountains of gold.

these agents buy a swanky seconds car talk in riddles promise in riddles have nexus with ppoliticians and everybody turns a blind eye as if nobody knows registrars of prop regn, collectors tahsildaars.

all because we dont go and find out where are govt offices what do they do ?if a slumdweller can make a huge bungalow a farmer can any illterate can why cant I?If they can own jeeps why cant I?WHATS THE USE OF MY EDUCATION?why did I spend 6 hoursin school and colleges getting threatened by teachers for few internal marks and attendance if I cant be taught the required things?certain castes and communities know this but they dont explain certain other castes and communities know to use constitutional provisions in their favour.

SO DONT STOP DREAMING DONT HET SCARED GO AND GET RICH ITS ALL OUT THERE question the product you pay for(security) look after what you buy(duty) dont wait for others to develop for you (dignity of work) then you are safe and you will get rich.
nothing should be a deterrent in buying lands though cause the condition of constructed commercial and residential propeties will be the same in years to come, particularly when the property is going for redevelopment.that is when builfings have got old abt 20 to 25 years, coz thats the life of buildings constructed in india by builders.the 99 years lease is just humbug,and realising this the builders politicians lobby is already tightening the noose around ownership rights in townships like AMANORA PUNE where nominally the property belongs to you but eternally all rights have been kept with thedevelopers and their progeny yet to be born in years to come