Obesity and related disorders

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A new screening of Obesity shows that the Obesity problem is making adult and younger children more strained as compared to common weight peers. It is oblivious that over weighted person yield higher level of stress hormones than other normal person.
An obesity problem creates many disorders in normal health and leads in various disease.
Obesity and its related disease are:
Type 2 Diabetes and obesity
Type 2 Diabetes cultivate when body system does not make enough insulin in blood which helps to obtain the healthy blood sugar balance. The obesity problem produces more insulin and imbalance the blood sugar level and becomes the reason of Type 2 Diabetes. The obesity treatment and management on time helps to reduce the risk of diabetes.
Heart Disease and obesity
The issue of overweight also increase the chances of heart disease or cardiology cardiac disease. The sufferer becomes the victim of cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, sudden death due to heart attack etc. The over weighted person have more risk of heart issues due to negative effect on blood lipid levels and affects on “high density lipoprotein” or HDL or good cholesterol which is beneficial to body. In this case need to consult with Cardiac Surgeon in pune for treatment.
Hypertension and obesity
The obesity problem sufferer has high risk of high blood pressure. Hypertension increases the possibility of heart attack and high blood pressure. The high blood pressure raises the fear of kidney failure and heart failure. Controlling overweight lower the blood pressure and reduce the chances of high BP.
Metabolic syndrome and obesity
Obesity also affect on metabolic disorders. A person who is suffering from obesity problems found affected by metabolic disorders.
Thyroid Conditions and obesity
Thyroid hormone manages metabolism, and there is obvious direct relation between obesity and thyroid gland. The underactive thyroid hormone increases the unwanted weight.
There are other disease like dyslipidemia , Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, reproduction or sexuality issues due to obesity problem.
The best treatment for obesity is losing weight on time. Also there is option of weight loss surgery in pune.
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