Heart Discomfort reasons

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There are many reasons behind uneasiness in heart, chest and heart care. If you feel discomfort in heart or chest then it may be the subject of heart attack. It is also true that all chest pains are not the indication of heart attack but some chest pain is basic cause of heart stroke.

Pain in Back

Everyone knows the heart is ahead, many always muffed that only front pain may create heart related problems. We all forget that the back pain also leads to a heart stroke attack. Heart is thickening by lungs; an artery is concerned to back. If blood in artery is blocked then it causes pain in back and finally leads to cardiology problem. Artery Blocked blood will remove by doing heart surgery in pune.

Abdominal, Stomach, Shoulder etc pain

Feeling pain in abdominal, stomach region, jaw, shoulders, arms, neck and elbow, although you may face such types of pain without chest pain too. It is also called referred pain which could be linked with heart disease.

Breathing Problem

Breathing problems causes due to entourage in air passages of throat, mouth and nose which leads discomforts in cardiac system or respiratory and neurological disorders, when the blood supply is not enough with oxygen to the heart muscles.


Anxiety becomes the reason of trouble in breathing. Breathlessness could be the indicatory cause of cardiology problems. Who takes more tension about finical substance, health, family problems, professional stress could be the victim of heart failure.

Weakness, Stress, sweating and dizziness

An abnormal stress on body can be the signal of cardiac disorders. Feeling stressed with weakness is general reason of heart failure in women. If person starts more sweating or unnatural sweating then it could be alarming situation of heart attack.

Irregularly Pulse Rate or Rapid Pulse Rate

When someone feels dizziness, weakness, stress, Anxiety and breathlessness, it force to irregular pulse rate and result in cardiac arrest. If the pulse rate is rapid then it is frightful situation. The person faces heart attack, stroke, failure or death. If you are facing rapid pulse rate then rush to the heart care centre in pune.

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