The legends and facts of Shaolin Kung Fu

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Shaolin Kung Fu is a great form of martial arts. It is actually a collection of forms of martial art. This collection has existed from a very long time. There is a very popular legend attached to it, according to which the wonderful skill is a gift of Bodhidharma .The legend tells a tale of this monk, who faced wall for nine years, without speaking to any body and achieved great success.
Although this is a popular legend but many historians and experts of this art have discarded this belief.
According to the disbelievers of this legend, two monks, Huigang and Sengchou were monks who actually started this form of art. They are said to have been practising this form even before Bodhidharma came to China.
Historians have been able to trace the use of Shaolin Kung Fu many primitive clashes and combats. The oldest signs have been found from 728, the number of occasions which used this form of martial art.
The monks appear to have used this for defence against bandits on one occasion. On another occasion they have appeared to have use this in the battle of Hulao.
There are also certain verbal lore’s about the association of this collection of the martial arts to be linked to karate.
There have been citations of the influence of Buddhist monks. Despite such claims historians have found strong links associating Song Shan Shaolin Temple to this art form.
This collection of martial arts has gone beyond boundaries and is very popular in different parts of the world. This is why Shaolin India is very popular.
With times changing and lives becoming faster people are concentrating on trying to learn the best there is to learn in everything. It is at such a time that Shaolin Kung Fu schools have gained popularity for obvious reasons.
Martial arts are very popular and people who can master at such skills are held in high esteem. When martial arts are so well received all over the world, a collection of these arts is bound to gain popularity.
In India, the training and craze for martial arts is growing with time and it is what explains the hype associated to Shaolin India.
It is not just in India that the people aspire to learn this form of martial arts; many people all across the world enrol in Shaolin Kung Fu schools to learn and acquire these skills. Before enrolling in to any such school, it is important to check the authenticity and the level of expertise.
It is also important to understand the limit up to which one can push their body and this can be done only under the supervision of people who have real knowledge.

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